4 medical reasons why you should eat cashew nut regularly

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Cashew nuts, roasted, are a popular snack in Nigeria. The seeds of the cashew fruit are known as cashew nuts. Cashews have seeds that jut out from the bottom, unlike some other fruits where the seeds are buried deep within the fruit pulp. To produce a nice snack, plant the seeds or roast them. The seeds are not edible before being roasted because they contain an acid that destroys everything it comes into contact with. However, as long as it is roasted to a fine, brown colour, it is safe to consume – and highly nutritious.

The following are 4 medical reasons why you should eat cashew nut.

1. Cashew Nuts May Improve Cardiovascular Health.Nut-rich diets, such as cashews, have repeatedly been associated to a lower risk of diseases like stroke and heart disease. This could be owing to the fact that cashew nuts are abundant in unsaturated lipids. Over 75% of the oil in cashews is oleic acid, a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat that has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease in some studies.

2. Cashew Nut May Control Blood Sugar.People with high blood sugar and Type 2 diabetes may benefit from including cashew nuts in a well-balanced diet. They can help lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels while increasing ‘good’ cholesterol levels. This is due to the fact that cashews are high in fibre, which helps to avoid blood sugar rises. Cashews are also low in carbs, thus substituting cashews for foods high in carbs and sugar may assist to lower blood sugar levels.

3. Strong Bones and Teeth.Cashew nuts are recommended for people, especially young children, because of their beneficial effects on the bones and teeth. Calcium, copper, and phosphorus are three minerals found in cashew nuts that help the body grow and develop strong bones and teeth. They will not only help your bones grow, but they will also aid to boost bone density.

4. Cashew Nut May Aid In Weight Management.If you want to lose weight, you should incorporate cashew nuts into your diet. Cashew nuts are high in fibre and protein, which keeps you satisfied for longer. This means that consuming cashew nuts will help you lose weight by making you eat less frequently. Another benefit is that cashew nuts are high in calories, which will keep you satiated. However, you should avoid eating too much of it because it may lead you to gain weight instead.