5 Common signs of prostate cancer men should look out for

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Men are wired in such a way that that their body is made up of Prostate glands. These glands helps to secrete seminal fluids.

However, there are situations when these glands get enlarged than normal thereby, causing discomfort and serious need for medical attention. This article talks about common signs of Prostate cancer in men.

As we may know, cancer is one of the diseases that sends cold shiver down our spine whenever it is mentioned.

This is why there is need to create awareness on some early or common signs of this disease, because early detection helps for quick and better treatment.

Men who are above the age of 50 are more susceptible to Prostate cancer, and they are advised to look out for these 5 common signs given below:

1. One common sign of this disease is having frequent urination especially at night. You may have the urge to always wake up in between sleep to pass urine. This is a case commonly known as nocturia.

2. You may experience pains while trying to pass urine. This comes from the pressure that is been exerted on the enlarged Prostrate glands.

3. In as much as there could be frequent urination at night, a person with this disease may also have a hard time trying to start or even hold back urine.

4. Another sign men should look out for is back pain or even pain in the pelvis.

5. Blood could be noticed in the urine.

Furthermore, it is important that we know that there are other diseases which are associated with these symptoms.

You are advised to see a good medical personnel for proper checkup and diagnosis when you start feeling these signs. This way, the medical practitioner would carry out proper tests in order to ascertain the problem.

Note: detecting this disease in its early stage will help to proffer solution faster as delay may lead to other serious damages like kidney problem, urinary tract disease and others.