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5 foods every pregnant woman should avoid if she does not want complications



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It is well known that a mother’s diet during pregnancy is very important to the health of her baby.

Expecting mothers need to consume more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are helpful for a fetus growth and development.

However, according to WEBMD there are also some foods pregnant women should avoid;

1. Avoid consuming fish that contain mercury;

Fish with a high mercury content such as king mackerel, Marlin, shark, sword fish and orange roughly can cause damage to the nervous system of the mother and brain damage or hearing and vision problem for the baby.

2. Alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy. Alcohol has been shown to negatively affect a baby’s growth and development.

3. Avoid raw seafoods:

Consuming raw seafood like raw oysters increases risk of salmonella, a food borne illness that can cause fever and neusea, vomiting, stomach cramping and diarrhoea for pregnant women, as well as intra uterine sepsis that can affect babies.

4. Stay away from unpasteurized diary products:Pregnant women should avoid consuming unpasteurized diary products like soft cheese, milk and refrigerated meat like red meat

These foods may have bacterial that cause the food borne illness listeriosis; which may cause flu-like symptoms, nausea, diarrhoea and miscarriage as well as still birth and preterm labor.

5. Any food in a dented can, increases risk for botulism, a food borne illness that can cause neuromuscular deficits for expecting mothers.

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