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6 Parts of your body you should avoid touching with your hands



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One of the major reasons why a lot of health conditions keep skyrocketing in our society is because we trivialize certain health practices. Touching different parts of the body with the hands is something most people do but this is not healthy. There are many health implications of this most people are not aware of. Studies have given many of the reasons why this action should be avoided. I will strongly enjoin you to read this article properly for enlightenment.

As we go to different places every day, we touch things like chairs, money, tables, people etc and we all pick bacteria from all those places. When these same hands are used on different parts of our body, it can be detrimental to our health.

Some of the parts of your body you must not touch with your hands include;

1.  Your butt

This one the body parts many people insert their hands in especially when itching and this is wrong. The anus contains bacteria as it is the passage where undigested foods are passed out. These bacteria can be harmful so always wash your hands after using the toilet. Avoid scratching it with excess toilet tissue as that passage is very delicate and can be injured. Avoid this habit if you care for your health.

2.  Your eyes

The eyes are one of the most vital organs in the body. So many people are fond of this but it is wrong. The eyes are delicate, moist, soft and contain liquid substance thus making it easy for germs to be absorbed. Never touch your eyes with your bare hands or you can wash them with cold clean water. Bacterial infection easily affects the eye. That is why keeping the eyes healthy should be your priority.

3.  The skin under your nails

This is a common habit everyone must avoid today. Never pick those dirt that are stocked under your finger with your hands. There are a lot of germs and picking them will leave those germs on your hands. In the process, you might end up even pushing them down your nails or passing them to any cut or wound on your skin and this will lead to complications. Don’t even use your teeth in cutting your nails to avoid complications.

4.  Your ear canal

The ear is another vital organ that needs to be handled with care. That thin layer covering your outer ear can easily be ruptured by fingers since it is very sensitive so picking dirt from there with your hands is not good. If it is itching you, you can carefully use a cotton bud or a napkin and scratch gently to avoid serious complications. Try your best to keep your eyes healthy.

5.  Our face

Your face is made of very tender flesh hence you ought to keep it healthy. The flesh covering the face is very tender and delicate compared to other parts of the body. That is why infections can easily affect your face. So avoid touching your face with your hands because those germs you pick from other parts will be transferred to your face. Make sure you avoid this act from today.

6.  Your mouth

This habit is common among many people but it is wrong. For those that cut nails with their teeth, stop that immediately. Your mouth is the last place you should ever stick your hands in. all those germs you will pick from places will end up in your mouth if you do this. This act can cause various infections hence avoid it.

Everyone should adhere to the tips of this article.

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