6 showering and bathing mistakes people usually make

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According to expert, some of the mistakes people make while bathing or showering include;

1. Keeping Minor Cuts Covered

There’s no necessity in keeping minor cuts dry or covering them for showering. If you have a minor wound, it’s better to take the bandage off and clean it each day with soap and warm water, and the shower is an ideal place to do that. Use a new bandage after you dry off. Your healthcare provider will tell you how to care for more chronic wounds.

2. Bathing too often

Showering every day can be what you like doing, but unless you sweat, you may not need to take your bath more than a few times a week. Washing eliminates healthy oil and bacteria from your skin, so bathing too often could lead to dry, itchy skin and allow bad bacteria to penetrate through your cracked skin. When you expose your body to normal dirt and bacteria, it helps in strengthening your immune system.

3. Blasting Hot Water

Longer periods of the hot shower feel so good, mostly in winter, but hot water eliminates your skin’s natural oils and can leave you dry and itchy. Protect your skin by sticking with warm water and keeping your shower to five to ten minutes. This is particularly important if you have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis.

4. Not Cleaning Your Showerhead

Your showerhead is an ideal area that harbours bacteria, which love to stay in its small, damp, dark holes. When the water is running, the bacteria can enter the air you breathe. This is difficult to avoid, but you can remove and clean the showerhead in boiling water to assist in killing the bacteria. It is also helpful to run hot water for one minute before you get in the shower, and drain as much water as possible from the showerhead when you finish bathing.

5. Using Soap Where You Shouldn’t

Not all parts of your body require soap to get clean. Limit soap to your armpits, groin, feet, hands, and face, and stick to warm water for the rest of your body. This will be beneficial in keeping your skin from getting too dry. Using soap in the female private area could irritate and upset the balance of natural bacteria, which can cause bacterial vaginosis.

6. Not Running the Bathroom Fan

The bathroom can get mighty humid while bathing or showering, and over time that moisture in the air can cause damage to your woodwork and drywall. It also harbours mould and bacteria. Turn on the bathroom fan or vent when bathing to help control the humidity, and leave it on until the humidity goes down after you’re done bathing.