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Aircraft Purchase: Bayo Onanuga knocks Peter Obi



Aircraft Purchase: Bayo Onanuga knocks Peter Obi
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Bayo Onanuga, special adviser on information and strategy to President Bola Tinubu has berated Peter Obi over his comments on the proposed purchase of a new presidential aircraft

Recently, the house of representatives committee on national security and intelligence asked the FG to purchase new aircraft for President andVice-President

On June 17, Peter Obi faulted the proposal saying it highlights the disconnect between the government & the people. Obi said the proposal is unacceptable, adding that there is need for a more compassionate use of resources and prioritising citizens’ welfare

However, in an interview with Punch Newspaper, Onanuga said the purchase of another aircraft is a necessity. He added that the proposal is a “basic thing any sane government will do” because it cannot toy with the president’s welfare

“Does Peter Obi want the President dead? Is that his wish? Does he want him to continue moving around in a rickety plane and die like the VP of Malawi & Iran President? Let him tell us,” Onanuga said

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