Alaafin’s ex-wife returns to palace, cap in hand

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Damilola Adeyemi, an ex-wife of the Alaafin of Oyo, has seen the better of two worlds, and she’s now a sober ex worming her way back into the old heart of the Oyo monarch.

She left the palace and Alaafin in April, and made news of it on Instagram, complaining of not been taken care of.

As expected, she got sympathies—and cash too from Agony Aunts and Uncles on social media.

But six months down the line, Damilola has never been the same. She saw more clearly.

“I want to use this medium to tender unreserved apologies to the entire families of Adeyemi (Alaafin of Oyo) over my last post. Pls I want you all to know that I’m not under duress in sending this message and that I’m in a good state of mind,” she wrote on Instagram again.

“That all that I said in my last post about leaving the palace and that Alaafin was not taking care of me and all what I said negatively concerning him (Alaafin) was false.

“It was friends that misled me and out of frustration but now things are clear and I’m sincerely sorry for trying to bring down the royal family. I have been to Lagos and Abuja to seek for the forgiveness of the royal family.

“I write this in tears and beg every good mother to pls plead to my husband (Alaafin of Oyo) on my behalf to forgive me,” she said.

To those who funded her separation, Damilola hopes to settle them all up.

“When I get back to palace, I will definitely refund you people. Thanks. It’s for those that understand that there is no place like home.”