Badoo buys car for fan whose mother he insulted months earlier

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Odunuga Oluwaseun got a sucker punch in January when he stung rapper Olamide aka Badoo for a car.

“Badoo, I need car for my Bolt business oo. Even na HP I go pay back. Mae we run biz. Thanks,” he told Olumide on Twitter sometime in January.

Oluwaseun got it full on.

“Money weh you keep for my hand,” the singer told his fan.

“Ori iya e gbale.”

The exchange, curt as it was, didn’t end there. It probably kept rankling the well-moneyed rapper.

Months later, Oluwaseun got the car from Olumide. No fanfare.

But the excited car owner wouldn’t hide the gift and his appreciation for the giver.

“Today I am so happy because I be car owner by this post,” Olumide tweeted on Monday.

Olamide went out on all odds and put smile in my face. You are so special…

He said Olumide did it low key, but he will trumpet it.