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Buhari’s 2020 budget beautiful in rhetoric, empty in realist – Kassim Afegbua



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A spokesperson of the Presidential Council of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Kassim Afegbua, chided President Muhammadu Buhari over what he considered poorly prepared 2020 budget proposal presented to the joint session of the National Assembly last week.

Afegbua had Channels TV remarked that the budget presented by the president appeared to haphazardly put together and did not captures the current realities of the country, declaring in part that the proposed budget was “brilliant in nothingness”.

Afegbua had declared: “The 2020 budget is very brilliant in nothingness, beautiful in rhetoric and empty in terms of realist appraisal of what the issues are, with respect to getting us out of the present predicament we’ve found ourselves.

“I was expecting that the president will tarry for a while to consult with his economic advisers so that they can make some very wonderful inputs into the budget but the haste at which he presented it, certain benchmarks that are not realistic, point to one direction that the APC-LED Federal Government does not understand the dynamics that obtain in the present government”.

In his view, Nigerian have little to expect from the President’s budget for the year 2020.