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Omokri attacks Soyinka



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Reno Omokri, Former media aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has attacked Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka who commented recently on the appalling state of Nigeria’s education.

Soyinka made the  comment on Sunday at the University of Lagos, Akoka, during the presentation of a play, ‘Folly of Men.

“We are in serious trouble, education wise in this country. Let me not kid you; it’s horrifying.

“That was why I was happy about the initiative of creating a model school and trying to resurrect this Government College and present it as the ideal. We are really very low, education wise,” Soyinka lamented.

Omokri, however, blamed Soyinka for the poor state of education in Nigeria, describing the literary icon as part of the trouble in education.

On his Twitter page wrote, Omokri wrote: “Wole Soyinka says Nigerian education is in trouble. Soyinka is part of the trouble.

“He asked Nigerians to reject Goodluck Jonathan, who budgeted ₦424 billion for education, for General Buhari who budgeted just ₦48 billion. What did he expect from Affidavit holder?”

Omokri has been attacking as many as he can among those personalities that rejected Jonathan’s re-election in 2015, mocking them whenever they complain of Buhari’s handling of security, education, and other aspects of the government.

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