Business unusual: Kano govt spends millions to upgrade thousands of tea sellers  

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    In what he called a significant milestone in th history of Kano,  Governor Abdullahi Ganduje said on Saturday  his administration has spent N208 million on the empowerment of  5,200 masu shayi (tea sellers) from the 44 LGAs in the state.
    The  items distributed included cartons of noodles, cocoa beverage, liquid and powdered milk, tea, crates of eggs, nylon and cups, baskets, brown and white sugar, spaghetti and bread.
    The ceremony was held at the Open Theatre,  Government House, Kano, where Ganduje said each of the beneficiaries would also receive N40,000 cash as take-off capital.
    He said the effort would also boost the economic potential of the tea sellers and their families.
    “We are empowering them because we want to increase their economic well-being. We are empowering you to improve the economy of Kano.
    “We are empowering you to improve sanitation in your services; we are empowering you to improve the nutritional value of your services; we are empowering you because of the multiplying effects of this kind of programme.”
    To up their standard, Ganduje said that the tea sellers would be registered, urging them to take hygiene seriously while rendering their services by constantly washing their hands, as well as wearing hand gloves.
    The items provided for the tea sellers were all purchased from local traders.
    But none of might have been produced outside of Nigeria’s third commercial state after Lagos and Port Harcourt.