Check out how electricity is generated from water

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Electricity is an important part of modern life and an essential factor of development. If not all, 90% of our gadgets are powered electrically from our washing machine at home to our air conditioner system at work to the microphone used in our worship centers.

We all have a general knowledge that electricity is generated from water right? But have you ever wondered how? Or ever wondered about the process involved in converting the energy in water into electricity?.

Well in this article, I will be bringing to your knowledge how electricity is generated from water.

Flowing water can create energy which can be converted into electricity. One of the most important devices needed in this energy conversion is a turbine. This is called Hydropower.

How Is Electricity Generated From Water?

Firstly, an hydroelectric power station is built across a river most commonly a dam, The function of the dam is to act as a reservoir.

Once the water is released from the dam, It enters into the turbine spinning its blaze mounted on a rotor shaft.

The force of the water spins the shaft generator which converts the mechanical energy of the motor into electricity. The electricity produced is stored in large capacitors and distributed to transformers which step down the current to a usable form.