Court dissolves 5-year-old marriage over infidelity, violence

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A Kubwa Grade I Area Court on Wednesday dissolved a five-year-old marriage between Aisha Hussain and Dhikrullah Agberemi over unfaithfulness and violence.


The judge, Ibrahim Balarabe dissolved the marriage following Hussain’s prayer for the court to confirm a divorce letter which was given to her by Agberemi on April 17, which he had admitted to.


The court ordered that the divorce takes effect from the said date. Balarabe also ordered the petitioner, to wait for three months cycle before contracting another marriage.


He also ordered that the four-year-old daughter should bear the respondent’s name and must not be taken outside the country without the consent of her father.


”The respondent must be allowed to see his daughter every first Saturday and Sunday monthly from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. ”The petitioner is allowed to process a certificate of divorce from the court after payment of prescribed fee,” he ordered.


It was reported that the petitioner got married to the respondent on May 3, 2014 in Ilorin, Kwara under Islamic Personal Law.

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In March 2015, the petitioner said she discovered text messages sent to the respondent by his girlfriend and he confessed to cheating and begged for forgiveness when he was confronted.


Hussain also said the respondent developed a habit of constantly abusing her verbally and physically by beating her which led to her leaving her matrimonial home on December, 2016.


The respondent and petitioner had been staying separately since then which resulted to the petitioner filing for divorce on March 14, on grounds of lack of interest in the marriage, unfaithfulness and violence.



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