Dates fixed for Melaye’s recall

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The Kogi state Independent National Electoral Commission has fixed dates to begin the recall of Kogi West Senator Dino Melaye.

Kogi’s INEC’s Resident commissioner on Wednesday said following the appeal court ruling, the commission has fixed the last Saturday of April as the verification date.

Prof Apam said at a forum in Lokoja that the first Saturday in May is fixed for a referendum in line with the electoral laws.

Apam spoke at a stakeholders’ forum on Wednesday in Lokoja.

According to him, on the referendum day, the cmmission will invite all those who have signed the recall register to come forward and identify their signature.

If this process is successful, the Commission will then proceed to the next stage where a referendum of all registered voters would be conducted.

“Voters will be asked to vote either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question of whether they want Senator Dino Melaye recalled.

“If the answer meets the constitutional requirements of 51 percent ‘yes,’ the process moves to the next stage; but if it fails, the process stops,” Apam explained.

The appeal court, last week, threw out Melaye’s suit challenging the move to recall him.

But Melaye’s has vowed to proceed to the Supreme Court in the bid to stop INEC from proceeding with the process.