Dear Toke: Do we really need ‘Quarantine Vibrators’ (Video)

Dear Toke Makinwa,


We hear you.

At least not everyone will give money like RunTown.

Others will give advice.

So Toke is telling you ladies to get a vibrator.

But I do not see the good in her advice.



I think people who need vibrators already have one or two.

This is 2020.

I don’t think the people who need to use vibrators are waiting to hear it from Toke.

But Toke, you are a business woman.

You have plans to start your own line of sex toys.

Or you just want your guys to know that you will only cheat on them with a toy.

In a way…

She’s kind of right though.

In this time of social distancing. Is it not better to Do It Yourself than risk your destiny with a carrier of Coronavirus.

How many of you read that short story of mine? Where Tony defiled all safety measures to go run things with his favorite prostitute — Seki.

Imagine if Tony had sex toys or had a DIY approach to cumming.

Like it or not, people are having sex.

When guys see sexy ladies. Theg drop their guards and forget about social distancing.

As the girl drops her panties or wrapper. The guy drops his brain. The only brain working at that moment is the one inside the Uncontrolable Egungun down below.

So let’s be easy on my mangocious looking Toke. And focus on the truth that this world is a fcuking world.

You will be surprised at some sneaky strategies some married men are still deploying to be with their side chic at this period.

And some women are wired for sex. What do they do when their husbands are not available at this moment?

This brings the old debate back. Is Masturbation a sin?

A very terrible time to talk about this, right?


I know humans.

This is the time a lot of sex will happen.

Legitimately or illegal.

So we may as well debate it.

Some Religious Leaders have said it is fine. Others have frowned at it.

Your Egungunlicious spotter,


PS: Remember it was a sex toy shop that one senator almost committed murder. It is a serious situation o.