Diamond Bank sets for 6th edition of BET

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DIAMOND bank will in few weeks from now commence the 6th edition of Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) programme.

Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) programme is one of Diamond Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives aimed at generating interest in entrepreneurship. Since 2010, the bank have partnered with the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Pan Atlantic University in training and nurturing micro, small and medium scale businesses under the BET programme.

The BET programme is an annual capacity building and business education project which involves the training of fifty (50) budding entrepreneurs over a period of six (6) months after which the top five (5) entrepreneurs are awarded Three Million Naira (N 3,000,000) grants to take their businesses to the next level. This annual initiative has contributed immensely to the pool of skilled small and medium scale entrepreneurs as well as enduring wealth creation in the country.

This Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is making a huge impact on the lives of young people and is gradually changing society as small business owners are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to properly manage their businesses.

The programme has ran successfully for five editions which were open to entrepreneurs involved in diverse economic sectors and businesses, the 2014 edition was open to only entrepreneurs involved in three (3) fundamental sectors Agriculture, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Renewable Energy. These three sectors are key for any growing economy and it is believed that providing training and financial support for these sectors will impact the economy significantly.