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Division in RCCG as pastor declares for presidency



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A pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)  Emmanuel Ikechukwu has declared his intention to contest Nigeria’s 2019 presidential election.

Ikechukwu who is a pastor at Rivers state Province 10 of the RCCG, declared his intention on the platform of African Democratic Congress (ADC), a party inspired by former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

Speaking of his intention to run in Port Harcourt, he said: “When this (Buhari’s) government came up with this anti corruption corruption issue and made it a focal point, it scared a lot of investors away. You don’t scare people away. You try to see how you can tackle the economy.

“Though corruption needs to be taken care of, you cannot eradicate it from any human environment. What you need to do is to focus on basic challenges that intensify corruption. If you fix the economy, insecurity, corruption would be taken care of. “We need to tackle unemployment and insecurity. And the assured way to achieve that is to create industries through conscious technological advancement” improving the economy is not rocket science.

“What a government needs to do is effective partnership with the private sector to develop education, infrastructures, build industries to create jobs, reduce employment, and partner financial institutions to support sustenance of small and medium scale enterprises for the masses through cooperatives financing. Speaking on his plans for the country’s development said it a matter of having the will to make change that matters.

“At 40 and given my background and experience, I have all it takes to steer the ship of the nation from prolong economic doldrums. People say it is easier said than done, that when you get there, a lot of things will overwhelm you.

“I say to them nothing can overwhelm me. It is not rocket science. To fix the economy and create jobs is not something we will get from outer space. The opportunities, human or natural resources, are around us, all a genuine change agent needs is the will and I have it,” he added.

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