Doctor commits suicide rather than give COVID vaccines

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The head of the Chemnitz Clinic in Germany, Dr. Thomas Jendges who committed suicide by jumping from the top of a building in Flemminstrasse, Germany has described COVID-19 vaccine as Bio-weapon against the human race.

Dr. Jendges, 55, in a suicide note said that he could no longer be part of the genocide.

The doctor died on the spot from his injuries. Jendges had only been appointed sole managing Director of the Chemnitz Clinic since October 1st 2021. Since April, he has been acting as Managing Director of East Germany’s largest municipal hospital.

Reports of a letter that the deceased allegedly left behind are circulating. Jendges allegedly killed himself to set an example against the corona vaccinations. These are “bio-warfare agents”, so it says in the postings. He is also said to have described the vaccine in his letter as genocide and a crime against humanity.”

According to Las repúblicas, in the lengthy farewell letter Dr. Thomas Jendges wrote before his suicide and demanded its publication, he is said to have harshly criticized the information policy of governments in dealing with the dangerousness of Covid vaccines.

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The constant lies and deceit to the patient and the vaccinated that the vaccines are supposedly harmless, he could no longer bear them, it is said in the letter.

He condemns vaccinating the population with experimental and lethal vaccines against Covid-19, which is in fact more of a biological warfare agent created and manipulated for that use, than for any other known utility. For Dr. Thomas Jendges, a genocide and a crime against humanity is taking place right now.

These are some details of the farewell letter that are currently in circulation:

Although Dr. Jendges has ordered that his entire suicide letter be published, according to the current state of knowledge of the mayor of Chemnitz, Sven Schulze of the SPD, continues to prevent this publication.

Numerous groups have formed in various forums demanding that Schulze abandon his blocking attitude and finally respect Jendges’ last wish.

Jendges leaves behind a wife and a son.


  1. Anytime I plan to take the vaccine I get these articles,which for some strange reason takes me a step backwards from taking it(SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine)

  2. What they don’t know is that even if we take the vaccines, God will continue to protect us and the human race. Nothing will happen to us. Our bodies will grow antibodies that will destroy the vaccines in us.
    They will continue to fail woefully!

  3. Oh my God, my God, ! The whole world needs Your Supernatural intervention at this point ☝️, for it’s You alone Who can salvage the human race, from this demonic Malady of COVID-19 and whatever vaccines there are. Do what only You can do, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Thank You Father , Amen .

  4. Man has attained the pinnacle of human development on earth. It’s time for self destruct. The agents of human destruction have been allowed access to global leadership, and nothing, except God can save humanity in this devil’s project.
    Even education is useless in creating awareness. They are hellbent on reducing human population, especially in Africa, to have unfettered access to resources in Africa and other developing nations. But, they will fail woefully.

  5. I feel like im lucky to procrastinate in receiving the vaccine. May Allah in His infinite Mercy Save Mankind from the evils of Mankind.

  6. Why would he commit suicide. Why didn’t he go public while alive to defend his position. He is supposed to be a medical doctors so he is educated and at 55 he should be wiser than to take his own life instead of going public. Would he have suffered anything worse than death if he went public. So this to me is a kind of “Tales by Moonlight”…

  7. This is serious !!! May God vindicate the true state of existing conspiracy & all sorts of damages cover the original inventors

  8. Yes, this ORGANIZED CROOKS CHAMPIONING THE WORLD DEPOPULATION AGENDA have committed gargantuan crimes against humanity and have sadly succeeded in hoodwinking world political leaders and media to knowhow to their whims. It amakes no sense that elected politicians would betray their electorate this way.

  9. Chris, what happens to any attempts to go public with the truth? If it goes against the narrative, it ends up in the only option: a medium that are not supported, FACT checked as FALSE and demonized as “Conspiracy Theories” Tell me please where and how do you intend to go public without being stopped or arrested? This is what we are trying to get through to the world but “NOOO! Social media only distribute Conspiracy Theories that are out to consume your brain”. Truth is, the brains of those who don’t yet realize that mainstream media are compromised and controlled, are already consumed. Will this reach mainstream media? They are withholding loads of information that could have ended the lock-downs and vaccination madness, If it reaches the mainstream, it will be twisted. I can guarantee you that this hero will be portrayed as someone who battled with some kind of mental instability or whatever, but you wont hear the truth if anything over main media.
    What makes you think Dr. Thomas Jendges didn’t already try to go public? I tell you what; He got a little more attention now, definitely not for his own sake, and not only because he saw it aimed at his wife and kid. He did it because he cared about you and me. The world!!! Please grasp that already!!!

  10. You find political leader telling that the vaccine is very safe…
    But the manufacturer gives you a consent to take it at your own risk.

  11. Those who have taking the vaccine with call this a fake news or look for all measures to see it fake, in all lies there are element of truth. I know a lot of people who died last year that had taking the vaccine. Majority di I heart failure.

  12. Isnt Covid too extensive to be used for such a goal? . If the vaccines only targeted a certain group of people or race, then we would agree with him on his speculations.

    I understand he’s probably disturbed that because the vaccine is still in trial stages and is not fully understood by researchers, it’s very possible that it can create a bio disorder leading to a bio-genocide.

    The whites are not stupid to kill themselves.

    Cos its not like only Ghanaians or Africans are taking it. Unless of course, they wanna prove ours are different, say different pfizer for Africa and Europe..

    People in the US, the UK and Europe are seriously taking it.

    I have colleagues who are seriously attesting to that. Especially, in the UK

    And its like, it could even cost you your job, and be rendered outcast and the cause, should someone contract it while someone within hasnt vaccinated yet

  13. I pray that the God will keep his soul from hell and protect his families .This Doctor I give you my wish that your soul rest in peace you have spoken my word anď sacrifice your life to save others ÀMEN