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Ebonyi 2023:  Umahi using insecurity as rigging tool –Comrade Iyere



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Foremost humanitarian Activist, Comrade Iyere has asked Ebonyians to blame Dave Umahi for any insecurity currently raging in Ebonyi State.

Comrade Iyere, who is mobilizing Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in their numbers, urged them to join forces in fighting insecurity in Ebonyi State by curbing the political gangs entrenched in Ebonyi State by Dave Umahi.

In a press conference which brought together various leaders of CSOs who participated from six states, with the theme, “The Worrisome State of Insecurity in Ebonyi and Its Dangerous Consequences Before, During and After the 2023 General Elections”, Iyere urged the people of Ebonyi not to allow Umahi to deceive them with sweet words, alleging that Umahi is using negative strategies to play smart.

According to him, “Umahi should stop lying to himself. Most of us are smarter than him. He is the one responsible for the worrisome insecurity rocking Ebonyi State.

“Umahi’s love for political power is the reason he made himself a dictator and a supreme leader whose delight is to intimidate and oppress his own people. His desperate efforts to sustain his dictatorial leadership pushed him into adopting hostility and intimidation as tools.

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“Consequently, he formed various thuggery groups financed by him and solely used as agents for the intimidation and oppression of anyone who dares to oppose his bad governance.

“He created Ebube Agu to exist as the Apex Political Thuggery Group assigned to coordinate the activities of other political thugs working for him.

“Today, these thugs have overwhelmed Ebonyi State with security tensions, which is exactly what Umahi has always wanted to achieve for himself as a Supreme Ruler.

“Umahi believes the only way he can rig the 2023 election in favour of his imposed candidate, is to unleash intimidation on Ebonyians.

“He positioned Ebube Agu to help him achieve that for himself. This is why he is doing everything within his power to keep Ebube Agu in existence”, Iyere said Umahi is guilty of all of the above stated plans.

Iyere urged President Buhari, the International Community, Ebonyians and Nigerians at large to make determined efforts towards ensuring that Dave Umahi’s reign of political intimidation and oppression is put to a stop.

He warned that Umahi is doubtless breeding terrorism in Ebonyi State through the various political thuggery and militia groups he formed which are also financed through public funds, particularly the Ebube Agu Militias.

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