Enugu 2023: Ekweremadu promises of ultra-modern road system

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A front-line governorship aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) in Enugu State, former Deputy President of the Senate, Dr. Ike Ekweremadu, has promised the people of the state the development of ultra-modern road infrastructures after the 2023 general elections.

The PDP governorship aspirant disclosed his intention to contrast superhighways that will provide between four and six lanes on each side of the road. The roads are to be fitted with security facilities that will aid monitoring activities from afar, while state officials can sit in their offices and see what is happening at any part of the roads. The roads are also to be supported with relaxation spots and refueling stations.

Ekweremadu in a post on his facebook page wrote: “Road Infrastructure: The road infrastructure we are looking at is one that will be out of this world, I am talking about superhighways.

“Now, what we have is a two-lane express, but we plan to do up to four to six lanes on both sides, well-lit at night and travels can be 24 hours without problems.

“We are going to have security cameras, a surveillance centre in Enugu so that from the office, we can track cars coming in and going out, and challenges can be resolved speedily because of the security centre in place.

“In some places, we are also going to provide rest-areas for people on the road, to buy fuel, eat and relax before they continue their journey.

“There are two challenges in doing this, one is finance. We are going to partner with the private sector, we will provide the contractors there, but they are going to help us with funding of these contractors, then, recover their money through tolling. It’s not going to be a burden to one single End user.”