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Facebook partners Nigeria media to tackle fake news publishers



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In the push to thin down the amount of fake news on its platform, Facebook has partnered Big Cabal Media and Comic Republic to lauch a campaign.

The social media giant on Wednesday announced the launch of #NoFalseNewsZone, a campaign aimed at minimising the spread of fake news in Nigeria.

Facebook, in a statement, said #NoFalseNewsZone is an educational campaign focused on helping people to identify false news and educate them on the actions to take to help minimise its spread in Nigeria.

Facebook’s Corporate Communications Manager for Anglophone West Africa, Oluwasola Obagbemi, said, “We are committed to the well-being of individuals and communities that use our platforms and we take responsibility in minimising the spread of false news.”

Obagbemi said Facebook was delighted to be working with Big Cabal Media and Comic Republic to launch #NoFalseNewsZone in Nigeria.

“As part of the campaign, Big Cabal Media and Comic Republic have also joined the conversation to sensitise Nigerians on how to identify and report false news online beyond a conceptual level,” the manager said.

Chief Executive Officer, Big Cabal Media, Tomiwa Aladekomo, said, “The world is increasingly relying on sourcing for information from digital news outlets and social media platforms.

“The consequences of false news are glaring and especially painful to those who fall victim.

“Big Cabal Media is passionate about connecting people to accurate news sources and is excited to work with Facebook on its #NoFalseNewsZone campaign.”

Also, the Chief Executive Officer of Comic Republic, Mr. Jide Martin, said that as more people consume news and information on social media, service providers must become more socially responsible in order to combat misinformation on their platforms as effectively as possible.

“I am pleased to be working with Facebook, a company that has taken the bold step to use the longest and most relevant art form to tell the story of misinformation to drive the desired attitudinal change.

“Comic Republic has since used comics to shine the light on issues like social injustice, online security and domestic violence.


“We are pleased to be collaborating on art for a good cause and we cannot wait to show you what we are working on,” he said.

According to the statement, Facebook has also commenced the 2021 edition of its ‘safe online forum’ in Nigeria, bringing teachers, parents, and other important education stakeholders together to discuss ways of promoting and ensuring online safety and digital literacy for young people.

Big Cabal Media is a Nigerian digital media company that engages African youths with conversations around culture, innovation, entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Comic Republic is a Nigerian online multimedia company that primarily focuses on the digital distribution of indigenously created comic books.


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  1. Chima Agim

    September 16, 2021 at 7:31 am

    Please,I will like to thank you for this and many more of what you and Facebook are doing in collaboration with each other to stop fake news.Unfortunately, I’m already a victim of this in the most disgusting manner.I don’t know if you can allow me to use your popular platform to clean up all these fake news about me that has ruined my reputation and literally destroyed my life.Let me give you a synopsis of it right quick.
    I was living in Dallas Texas of the United States of America at a time.On16th,of February 1998,I was kidnapped by the Dallas Police department,and Fraudulently disguised as a convited criminal and sent to their Prison for 25 years and was reluctantly released after 23 years.While I was there,I was used as a slave and a guinea pig to mention but a few against my will.Thereafter, they wrote an article about me dying on or about 2000.Thereafter, unlawfully and illegally forced me out of the country under the false pretense that I was being deported.But how do you deport a supposedly dead person who died around 2000 back to his country of birth on December 2020?.I’m a legal Resident. What law requires these set of Government elected officials and officers to abduct me,place me in the county jail with a fake charge that never existed,forged the charging instruments,and the Conviction papers,put me in prison with those fake court papers, released me and deported me after telling the whole world that I died in the prison on or about 2000,but I, as a living person was removed out of the country in 2020?.There is no such law that requires them to do all of that.I got victimized all the way around.Right now, I can’t get no job, People calls me bad names, distance themselves away from me and even my families.Some think and believed that I died long time ago,and that I’m someone else faking to be me.Don’t take my word for it.I have documentary evidences to support my assertion here.I just need your help in getting the global public to know that,the whole thing about me committing crime was fake new.Placing me in prison for 25 years for committing a crime,was fake news in terms of what they put me in prison for.But they did put me in prison for 25 without any actual crime or lawful Conviction.I’m not deportable as a legal Resident.But they forced me out of my country as well.Under the false pretense as if I was a deportable criminal.For what crime?.They don’t have no legitimate reason at all.So, I’m living Government elected officials and officers inflicted nightmarish life style now and has being since my abduction. Whereas, they are living their respective and collective dreamed life style.
    I wanted to see if you can be of any help to me with these matters.These are beyond fake news.
    Agim Chima.

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