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From a Basement Hobby to PetSmart Staple, Sassy Woof Sets Tails Wagging



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The demand for fashionable and affordable pet products has been booming recently. The pet industry is estimated to be worth over $99 billion each year, and that’s only expanding. Sassy Woof is one of the trusted companies leading this trend, and their products are unlike any other in the market.
Sassy Woof is a pet fashion company specializing in dog hardware, including dog harnesses, leashes, ropes, collars, and waste bag holders. Christine Chang started the company in her basement as a hobby before it expanded beyond her wildest dreams.
“Sassy Woof was inspired by my miniature dachshund Maya,” said Christine Chang. “She has her own dedicated Instagram, and we felt there weren’t enough products to help us showcase her beauty.
 That made me want to start my own company.” After lots of hard work, Sassy Woof products are now available in over 600 boutiques worldwide, as well as over 1,300 PetSmart stores.
“It’s really a dream come true,” said Christine Chang. “I love being able to pass this joy along to pet parents everywhere.” In addition, each harness purchased through their website feeds a shelter dog at Feeding Pets of the Homeless. Giving back is one of their priorities.
With Sassy Woof, dog owners can show off their pup in style. The company drops new products weekly, so there’s always something new to showcase.
They also create new collections for each season, as well as themed offerings for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.
 “Fashion is so important to many people,” said Christine Chang, CEO of Sassy Woof. “We want them to be able to make their dog look just as amazing as them, whether they’re walking down the street or posting their pup on Instagram.”
 When asked about business advice, Christine Chang said, “An idea is just an idea until you try to bring it into reality. Even if you have to start in your basement with limited funds, remember to focus on the vision and take it one step at a time.”
Want to make your dog look amazing? Sassy Woof has products to make your pup’s fashion dreams come true!

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