German unemployment rate declines slightly in August

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The number of people unemployed in Germany declined slightly in August to 2.58 million, according to figures released on Tuesday.
This was 12,000 fewer than in July, and 377,000 fewer than in August 2020, according to the Federal Employment Agency.
The jobless rate was unchanged from July, at 5.6 per cent.
“The jobs market has picked up again’’, in spite of the summer break, said the head of the Employment Agency, Detlef Scheele.
The number of jobless usually rises in August as firms generally hire fewer people before the summer and end apprenticeships at about the same time.
The agency report said Germany’s emergence from the last lockdown linked to the coronavirus pandemic around Easter had led to a return to business for many firms, which were therefore, seeking new staff.
It was the first time in 11 years that the jobless rate had actually gone down in August compared to the 2020.
In further signs of the economic recovery, the number of people on the government’s short-time work scheme also dipped under two million for the first time since the pandemic began, and stands currently at 1.59 million.