Igboho renounces Akintoye, Koiki, Ilana Omo Oodua rallies, agitators

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While Prof Banji Akintoye and his Ilana Omo Oodua are fighting for Yorua Nation at home, and rallying for a secure Nigeria at the UN headquarters, Sunday Adeyemo Igboho is scrambling for a way out of his Cotonou prison.

And he’s got one.

His Nigerian lead lawyer Yomi Aliu in a statement on September 16 said Igboho has warned all the agitators and Yoruba warriors organizing protests and threatening hell to steer clear of his name and family.

Igboho now wants to be associated with peace, after boasting when he was in Nigeria he would disrupt elections in the southwest, and buy guns for his people to defend themselves.

“On no account should anybody attack any public place or security personnel on the pretence of agitating for the Yoruba nation,” Aliyu said in the statement he credited to Igboho.

“In that wise, he has advised against staging any demonstration or rally in his name for the time being.”

One of his mobilizers is Olayomi Koiki.

He churns out whatever he feels appropriate for a militant Igboho to say in English, though Igboho would go back and apologize he never said it.

Akintoye, too,  has been mobilizing supporters for his release, and speaking for Igboho who was his right-hand man in the heady days of the Yoruba Nation rally.

“Igboho for now has no authentic mouthpiece anywhere,” the lawyer said.

Perhaps the latest instruction from Igboho will put a stop to the professor’s effort.

“He will also like people to respect his family by not calling his mum out for anything public.”

The OPC and other tribal groups in the southwest made Igboho mum to speak up against Islamic scholar Sheikh Gum who said he was travelling b Igboho recently, and many took it for mocking the Adeyemos.