Lady exposes doctor who caused child’s death by transferring patient to ill-equipped

    An aggrieved lady has taken to exposing a doctor whose action she felt led to the death of her cousin’s child.

    According to the said individual, the medical practitioner in question committed a dangerous mistake of greed at the expense of the baby’s well being and health.

    It was said that the doctor named Joy works in Igando General Hospital. The child of the complaint’s cousin had been brought before her, and instead of attending to them, she instantly transferred them to a private hospital.

    According to the complaint whose name on Instagram is @houseofbeaut, the hospital in question belonged to this Dr Joy and she had transferred the child for the selfish purpose of getting gains from the admission.

    However, the private hospital was ill-equipped and poorly staffed. Even more, there was report that the doctors on duty were quack. Due to this, it was said that they passed blood into the child without bothering to check which blood type it was.

    Eventually, the child died and this has caused an outrage amongst the family members. They were thoroughly displeased that the child was not catered to at the General Hospital but was rather transferred to a quack health care centre.

     Hence, the family member in question took to Instagram to pour out her agitation and ask for the support of Nigerians in fighting against the alleged selfish doctor.