Lekki Murder-suicide: Media platforms reported lies, see truths, facts

The gruesome murder of 25-year old Ms Olamide Omajuwa Alli, a mother of two by her partner, Mr. Chris Ndule at their Lekki home at the weekend is most mindless. Mr. Ndule also committed suicide thereafter, from police reports. And a certain facebooker who happens to know her and her (very respected) family is  providing the truths against the trending lies reported.
According to Betty Abah, Olamide, a young entrepreneur and graduate of the University of Lagos, was daughter of a late iconic journalist who was a senior friend and mentor of mine.  Stunningly beautiful, gentle and soft-spoken like her late mum,  ‘Mide is yet another statistic of the rampaging gender-based violence’s virus especially worsened by the COVID-19 socioeconomic destabilisations.
And, while her family is still reeling in shock over the loss of their beautiful and promising daughter whose life was cut short in a brutal manner, I think people should STOP the LIE about paternity issue being involved or being a motive for the killing. Not only is there no justification for murder, the rumour is a BIG FAT LIE and another source of aggravated pain for her family. Yes, I know because I happen to know.
“You can take this to the bank: those fabricating and spreading this nonsense know neither the couple nor have information about their issues. It is just like the lies around the equally gruesome murder of 23-year old Uwa Omozuwa, the undergraduate of the University of Benin (being ‘killed because she was pregnant for a certain pastor who demanded an abortion’ etc, all of which have been openly debunked by the Edo State Government following an autopsy). There are so many others of such that are being spread mostly on social media then feasted upon and ‘analysed’ by idle minds”.
She added that these emergency bloggers and overnight journalists who spew all sorts of lies should be called out and prosecuted by the authorities. These fake news and attendant damages (because some people want their ‘reports’ to trend) must stop.
“It is enough gut-wrenching pain when people lose loved ones, it is another level of trauma when complete strangers fabricate complete fables especially in the negative and toxic realms. I know because I have been there. Let’s not deepen families’ pains, please.
“Again, let’s be rightly guided so as not to further give wings to these fables. Don’t spread what you know nothing about. When in doubt, scroll to the next timeline. And let’s raise better, nonviolent sons, dear Nigeria”.


  1. Pls tell us the truth if you know because all you just said is to confuse us the more.one thing we know is that before a man will kill his wife and himself something grievous must have happened between them especially knowing that their children will be left behind.
    So Mr insider help us with the full details because you have also mentioned something like violent son