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Like Obaseki, like his appointees



Like Obaseki, like his appointees
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By John Mayaki

Like Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, like his appointees – his Commissioners and Special Advisers, altogether. It is not enough to say that they all look colourless – people without political clout, lacking carriage and exposure – permit me to say that Obaseki and his appointees are intellectually deficient and administratively myopic – I do not envy anyone of them for anything.

Am sorry about the above assertion but it’s the truth. In all honesty, I have never being this blunt but I’ve got to speak up. Anyone who can associate him or herself with the Obaseki-led straw-clutching administration is incapable of surviving outside government – most men miserable.

Although I have a few clear-headed friends in the government, I certainly do not envy them. But that’s not even the issue in this piece – if you like, a rejoinder to a certain misguided Governor’s aide.

I had raised some fundamental
Issues on Governor Godwin Obaseki’s gaffe, when he address the PDP presidential campaigns in Delta State this week, where the clueless Governor goofed saying the election would be conducted come 25th of October this year and that the people of Edo and Delta agreed to allocate 1.5 million votes to the presidential candidate of their party, Alh. Atiku Abubakar and his running mate, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa.

In that beautiful masterpiece, I raised a lot of issues that rattled the entire government to its root but in an attempt to justify his pay, a certain turn-coat who claims to be Obaseki’s image-maker exposed his mental laziness by deliberately leaving the thorny issues I raised to dwell on personal attacks and inanities. In all honesty, this officer would have earned himself a sack letter without pay, if it were to be a serious, forward-looking, people and service oriented organisation – please don’t expect this from the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led slave enclave.

Here, I’m not going to teach anyone his or her own job, never! If Godwin and his appointees need any class in leadership, administration, governance, politics, strategy and development, it comes with a fee – I’ve got them in abundance unlike some expired state officials who haven’t read a novel over a decade.

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I won’t also go into the poorly scripted rejoinder here – the grammatical construction, disjointed and uncoordinated sentences and paragraphs, syntax and punctuation that burdened sound minds trying to comprehend where the author’s mind was when he was constructing the numerous sentences to counter my piece where I took time to probe the disturbing speech of Governor Obaseki claiming that elections would be conducted on the 25th of October – the video has since gone viral and the shame is that of Obaseki and his clowns.

I think it’s important to remind Governor Obaseki and his cabinet that whatever statement it issues, mirrors it’s government and as such, whatever public verdict that comes with it. So, for a government official to embarked on a wild horse riding adventure from the critical issues about the Governor’s gaffe to jumping into the gutters like his pay master in a goose chase, simply defines the pedestrian nature of that administration.

For me, it was an exaggerated reminder whose author got stuck in a mire. I felt pity for Obaseki for recruiting an apprentice to attempt the serious assignment of image-making and image-laundering. I would be magnanimous if I pass that trash as a rejoinder – the pedestrian and mediocre who sees himself as government spokesman simply ridiculed his paymaster and the entire government of Edo State.

For the sake of enlightenment, this is how he botched – this unlearned aide claimed he wrote a rejoinder on the opinion that I wrote with the heading, “Governor Godwin Obaseki And How Edo, Delta Plot To Mobilise 1.5m Votes For Atiku/Okowa Come October 25th”, to my chagrin, this lunatic captioned his purported rejoinder without referencing my write up. Rather he captioned his jejune as, “Obaseki’s projections and Mayaki’s arithmophobia in full glare*.

It’s such a pity that all his days with ThisDay Newspaper is simply a waste, if he’s not aware that in a rejoinder, the title of the article remains but it will be preceded by a “RE.”


I would therefore suggest and advise that next time this neophyte attempts a rejoinder, this is how he should caption it: “Re: Obaseki’s projections and Mayaki’s arithmophobia in full glare*

Anyways, this is what a principal gets when he commissioned a prostitute to tutor a Nun on the subject of infidelity. Next time, no one needs to tell him to explored the option of Doctrine of Silence if he knew he couldn’t answer the question I raised in my article that was predicated on fundamental logic.

Again, it’s too early in the New Year!


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