Nigeria my country now the home of insecurity

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By  Ado Mary Mgusuunter
Nigeria, once a peaceful and safe Nation for every citizen to move freely has turned into a
war and unsecured country for even the little kids to walk around.
Insecurity is now the caption written boldly in almost all newspapers headlines in the Nation.
For instance: TWENTY HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED ALONG ABUJA-KADUNA EXPRESS WAY. These are humans, not goods for supply, these are people daughters, sons, fathers and mother’s that have taken away by bandits and sometimes these headlines are just read out to sweeten the hearts and minds of the affected victims to make them feel  actions are being taken to rescue them.
The question many Nigerians are asking is: “is it that the current state of INSECURITY in the country is beyond the control of our security forces?
The high level of insecurity in Nigeria is alarming. In some places one can’t walk freely by “10:00pm”, without area boys, bandits, Sara suka, ‘yan daba and other rogues attacking you, collecting your valuables. That is even if you are not raped as a lady. As male if you try to compare your power with there’s you may end up losing your precious life.
Thousand’s of lives are been lost due to insecurity every day, But the government seems not to care.
Just because your kids are based abroad doesn’t mean they won’t come back to Nigeria. Like the saying goes “ NO PLACE LIKE HOME”, and when they finally decide to come home, be prepared to present to offer  them a hot plate of INSECURITY, Kidnapping, Rape, Corruption ETC.
Not until the Nigerian government appreciate and value what we have in our Father’s land the rate of insecurity will be uncontrollable .
Not until justice is carried out on the prepetrators of this crimes tagged “kidnappers”, the actors and their collaborators in our local communities will not take heed.
Not until the government give the youths the reasons to change their mind set from kidnapping, armed robbery and secretly working for one selfish and greedy politician’s to assist in destroying this country. Insecurity will become the order of the day.
And to all youths involved in these unlawful acts, my advice to you is that “ you can achieve whatever great and better things you set your mind to do in making Nigeria a better place for living”, Nigeria is our country,
If all the criminal acts been committed don’t involve your family, remember just as you are been paid to burn down villages another gangs are been paid to burn down your own villages and they are also your family.
My pen will not cease to vomit till it attracts the attention of relevant bodies to contribute in the crusade for a free and better Nigeria for every citizen to walk freely and Safe.
Ado Mary Mgusunnter is a Student of Mass Communication Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi State.