Obi begs Ngige to stop Obiano

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Former Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State may be taking the disharmony of interests he has with incumbent Governor Willie Obiano to a high pedestal. There was the insinuation that the former Anambra State Governor, Fortnight ago, visited Dr. Chris Ngige, Minister of Labour and a former governor of Anambra State, where they held a closed door meeting at his residence.
It was purported that Obi, at the visit, begged Ngige to stop Obiano from second tenure. Obi was alleged to have lobbied Ngige to join the race for the November Governorship election in Anambra State. The former governor had tried to convince the Labour Minster that none of the current aspirants can match Obiano, except him, in the election.
Obi was said to have promised Ngige total support in order to strengthen his camp and his chances of winning. The former governor was said to have vowed to do everything within his reach to stop Obiano.  
Obi’s overture to Ngige came after he declined to cooperate with the reconciliation committee set up by the Anambra Elders Forum. Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Chairman of Anambra Elders Forum, and other members had set up committee of reconciliation to re-
unite Obi with Obiano.
Obi was said to have told the committee that he would prefer private discussions rather standing before the committee. That proposal ceiled the reconciliation agenda of the Anambra Elders Forum.
National Daily, gathered that the incumbent Governor Obiano holds the ace in the governorship race, given the paraphernalia of the state apparatuses at his behest.
Aspirants from the different political parties seeking to unseat Obiano include Osita Chidoka,
Ifeanyi Uba, Andy Uba, Chike Obidigbo, Godwin Ezeemo, Tony Nwoye, George Muoghalu, Oseloka Obaze, Alex Obiogbolu, Barth Nwibe and Obinna Uzor.
The All Progressives Congress (APC) dominates the list of aspirants fighting for governorship ticket in the November polls.
Meanwhile, National Daily investigation revealed that certain stakeholders in Anambra State, including former Governor Peter Obi, have reached the conclusion that none of these aspirants can match Obiano or stop him from winning the election for a second tenure.
Reliable source from the state disclosed that Obi joined elders in the state mounting pressures on Ngige to join the governorship race. Ngige is seen as the only candidate that can stop Obiano in November given his leadership charisma, high political capital and experience that can alter the political equation in Anambra State against Obiano.
A stakeholder in Anambra polity told National Daily that the APC needs to conduct transparent party primary to nominate its candidate if the party really wants to give Obiano a good fight. He maintained that the ruling APC must do everything possible to avoid post-primary crisis in order to avoid the electoral misfortune encountered by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015.
The power tussle in Anambra is further complicated with the massive support Professor Charles Soludo is giving to Obiano. Thus, Soludo is also reinforcing Obiano’s political machine to alter the power configuration in the governorship polls. Invariably, what obiano may be losing in Obi, he regains in Soludo.
National Daily investigation further revealed that Soludo entered into an unwritten agreement with Obiano to join forces together in the November election while Obiano will work for him at the end of his second tenure. “Soludo feels it will be cheaper for him to fight Obiano’s successor than competing with Obiano as an incumbent; knowing that Obiano will use government resources against his opponents,” a stakeholder from the state said.