Protesters of electricity tariff, petrol price increases clash with police in Abuja  


Protesters of the recent increase in electricity tariff and pump price of petrol by President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday clashed with the Nigeria Police in Abuja.  the incident monitored from Lagos on SaharaRepprters Online Television, started Monday afternoon when a team of police arrived the scene of the protest, interrupted the protesters, mainly youths, and attempted to forcefully quell the mass action.

The protesters of the increases in electricity tariff and pump price of petrol were gathered at Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Abuja, to make demands on the electricity tariff increase when the police interrupted.

In hot exchange of words with the boys, the police were cited on the trending video of the incident online blaming the female SRTV Reporter that she is the cause of the confusion. A young man was seen being dragged on the ground during the arguments and counterarguments between the police and the protesters.

However, no violence or shooting was observed.