Revealed: COVID-19 not a pandemic, vaccines provide no protection

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  • Buhari, public officials suspected not to have taken vaccine  

There are emerging revelations about the hidden projections of coronavirus across the world. Some experts have declared that the so much celebrated COVID-19 is not a pandemic and does not have the infectious capacity to kill in mass as the propagandists want citizens of the world to believe so as to force vaccines on healthy people.

In Nigeria, some stakeholders have raised the skepticism that they do not believe President Muhammadu Buhari and other government officials were actually injected with covid vaccines as were displayed on television coverage. The suspicious stakeholders declared: “we do not know what people like President Muhammadu Buhari, other government officials in Nigeria received as covid vaccine; we don’t believe they were administered coronavirus vaccines; we suspect that they received simple injection water under the guise of receiving coronavirus vaccine to persuade Nigerians to accept the vaccine.”

Other experts had argued that COVID is a very weak virus and does not have the capacity to kill people en masse. They cited that the WHO admitted that 85% of claimed coronavirus infection cases are asymptomatic, 10% are mild, only 3% are severe. Thus, the weak cases were more than the severe cases.

They also cited that the Stamford University in the UK, found in its research that COVID fatality rate is same as the ordinary flu.

Thus, there was a general prescription that COVID can be prevented through hand washing, mask wearing and physical distancing.

As in the US during the administration of President Donald Trump, it was demonstrated that covid can be cured with hydroxy-chloroquine, and in other climes, with heat or natural home remedies.

Thus, they declared that “coronavirus is not a pandemic.” They argued that covid was invented to cause global panic and uncertainty so as to impose vaccines on world citizens.

The concerned experts further noted that the US CDCs VAERS reports have indicated that “Vaccine” have killed about 7,000 within a period under scientific review in the US. The experts argued, therefore, that the reports implied that vaccines have killed about 700,000 in reality (US alone), considering that only 1% of cases are reported on VAERS. It was also pointed out that four fully vaccinated persons died of COVID in one week in Israel. According to them, “Therefore, the “Vaccine” kills and also does not protect the vaccinated from COVID.”

They argued that governments across the world subscribed to the coronavirus propaganda for intervention funds from the international system after certain investors had thrown in huge funds into the production of vaccines to expand their global business empires.

They alleged that Bill Gates is a leading investor on vaccine and coronavirus propaganda.