See 20 health hazards of 5G radiation

5G is 10,000 times the strength of 4G. It uses same frequency as a military weapon; it rips DNA structures of living organisms.

Identifiable health hazards or symptoms of 5G include:

  1. Shortness of breath

2. Passing out

3. Cold and flu symptoms

4. Fever

5. Increase in cancer risk

6. Foggy thinking

7. Eye pain

8. Nightmares

9. Nausea

10. Vomiting

11. Diarrhea

12. Headache

13. Dizziness

14.  Disorientation

15. Weakness

16. Fatigue

17. Hair loss

18. Vomiting blood, stooling and internal bleeding

19. Infections

20. Low blood pressure.

Invariably, there is high suspicion that the coronavirus may be a disguise for China to install 5G in countries of the world.