See list of 10 lawmakers moving to impeach Edo Governor, Obaseki

1.        Rt. Hon. Edoror Victor Sabor

2.        Hon. Saed Aliyu Oshiomhole

3.        Chief Ojiezele Osezua Sunday

4.        Barr. Vincent Osas Uwadiae

5.        Osifo Osa  Washington

6.        Hon. Sunday Aghedo

7.        Hon. Okaeben Ewere Christopher

8.        Hon. Crosby Eribo

9.        Hon. Okunbor Nosayaba

10.   Hon. Onaiwu Dumez”


Their nine impeachable offences:

1.        Sabotaging the activities of the legislature by actively preventing the legal swearing in of elected members of the State House of Assembly;

2.       Masterminding an attack on elected members of the House of Assembly;

3.       Masterminding the unlawful swearing in of selected members of the State Assembly to further his personal agenda without the knowledge of the grand majority of the members-elect;

4.        Acts of severe intimidation, bribery and high handedness;

5.        Gross insubordination towards the All Progressives Congress, her chairman and the very ideals that make up this great party;

6.        Lack of transparency in the awarding of government contracts;

7.       Mismanagement of state funds;

8.        Gross incompetence especially in the areas of security, job creation and rural development;

9.       Establishment of State agencies without due consent and approval from the House of Assembly.

Their impeachment resolution:

“Edo State House of Assembly: Members Resolution – …it resolved that this honourable house has no confidence in the government of His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki, to effectively carry out the duties of his office throughout the remainder of his tenure and, hereby, moves the motion for the immediate impeachment of the governor based on the following grounds… dated this 9th day of July 2019.

Venue of meeting:

The meeting of the 10 lawmakers was alleged to be held at Oshiomhole’s residence in Abuja last Tuesday.