Sowore declares support for Biafra

  • Says Buhari, Obasanjo should be banned from entering Igbo land

Omoyele Sowore, presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) in the 2019 general elections, has expressed his support for the actualization of Biafra Republic, declaring that if the Biafra agitation is approved by the federal government, “Nigeria is too small for Igbo.” He considered the Biafra agitation to be germane as a consequence of the injustice to the Igbo over the years in the Nigerian state.

National Dailygathered that Sowore at a town hall meeting organized by the Take It Back Movement in Greece demanded the Nigerian government to deliver justice to Biafrans in the southeast Nigeria.

Sowore also advocated that former President Olusegun Obasanjo and President Muhammadu Buhari do not deserve to enter the south east because they participated in the civil war that killed so many citizens of Igbo extraction.

“People are agitating for Biafra because they are looking for justice, the kind of justice that eluded them before the war, during the war and after the war.

“If they are guaranteed the justice that they are looking for, Nigeria is too small for Igbos. The Igbo have conquered the world in terms of sports, business and professionalism.

“There is nowhere you go to in America that you don’t find them in health care and sports, the same with the Yoruba and the Hausa but in their situation, the Igbos were unjustly oppressed, killed, destroyed and emasculated within the Nigerian nation.

“The biggest error, however, is that Biafran leaders are very quick to vote for people who participated in the war.

“Didn’t Buhari participate in the war? Why was he allowed to even campaign in the East? Didn’t Obasanjo participate in the war?

“Every time there is an opportunity to have a new President that comes from the south east, the first people they will bring to reject it are south-easterners. When Babangida wanted to leave, it was Nzeribe who said he must stay forever.

“When Abacha wanted to remain in power, they brought strong men for the East to endorse his continued stay. When Obasanjo wanted to elongate his tenure for three terms, it was one Odumegwu who used to be in Nigerian Breweries that was leading the agenda.

“But my question is, why can’t we find someone from the south-east who can do a better job?

“Why are they ahead of everybody saying this Yoruba person must not leave power, when is power going to reach the South East if each time there is an opening, you say the person who is there must continue?

“We must review the position of these leaders.

“The conversation about Biafra must be about how we can save our general humanity,” Sowore declared.