Swellings In The Neck: What it means and when to worry

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Have you ever felt a swelling in your neck before? This is quite normal in most cases but the truth remains that if you suddenly notice a swelling in the neck and the swelling appears to be hard and fixed, you should consider seeing a doctor for proper checkup.

It is true that when you have swellings in your neck it is often due to lymph nodes dilation. The lymph nodes are normal makeup of the anti body that helps trap certain infections and bacteria from getting to other parts of the body and important organs. But when it dilates or gets swollen to the extent that it becomes so significant and easily felt, then there may be an underlying cause. In this article, we are going to have a look at what swelling in the neck means and when you should be worried. Just sit tight and enjoy while learning something new.

What Does A Swollen Lymph Node in the neck mean?

1. It could be due to HIV, Mononucleosis or an immune disorder that could be Arthritis or even lupus. There are many health conditions that can cause your lymph nodes to swell up in the neck and even in the armpit.

2. When the lymph nodes are hard and fixed in the sense that, they don’t move around when touched or pressed, and also if the nodes are growing bigger as days pass by, then it could be cancer of the lymphatic system or even cancer of one part of the body that’s causing the lymph nodes to grow bigger and more uncomfortable.

But it’s very wrong to conclude just based on the fact that a node or some lymph nodes got swollen in your neck, if you see or notice these signs alongside, then there is a high chance you’re suffering from something serious and the earlier you handle it, the better for you.

1. Runny nose, sore throat and other problems are often due to an upper respiratory infection. So if your lymph nodes swell up alongside these signs, then it’s probably due to a respiratory infection, treating the infection would make the node go back to it’s normal size.

2. If the lymph nodes swell up for no clear reason, then you should be worried or consider consulting a doctor.

3. If the lymph nodes are hard and unable to move around when touched, then they could be due to something more serious that requires attention from medical professionals.

4. Accompanied by persistent fever and night sweats as this could be a sign of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.

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