‘Thank you very much, Higuain’: The farewell has benefited everyone (except Chelsea)

All happy and above all, richer and more peaceful. As highlighted by Tuttosport today, the departure of Gonzalo Higuain has benefited everyone. Starting from AC Milan, which can now enjoy Krzysztof Piatek and save money on the huge salary of the Argentinian.

 The player himself has benefited from the operation. Not only does he continue to score on a regular basis but he is also earning far more than he did at Genoa (2 million euros net, before it was 500 thousand). But not only: the transfer to Milan has given him greater notoriety and fame.

 And the same can be said by Leonardo, whose shares were falling after an expensive but unprofitable summer market. The Brazilian executive was criticized even in January, sending Higuain to Chelsea and replacing him with an almost unknown striker, who, however, turned out to be the jackpot along with the arrival of Paqueta.

 Genoa can also smile after collecting 35 million from the sale of Piatek. The only party that has so far not exactly benefited from the ‘exchange’ of strikers is Chelsea.

 Since Higuain’s arrival, the club has suffered two humiliating Premier League defeats against Bournemouth and Manchester City and yesterday they were eliminated from the FA Cup, losing 0-2 at the Stamford Bridge against Manchester United. El Pipita has so far only scored two goals, both of them against bottom of the table Huddersfield.