The best age to have a child according to science

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The period of pregnancy is very sacrosanct in the life of every woman. Pregnancy is one of those stages in a woman’s life with which comes not just happiness but also the obligation of being able to nurture another life altogether. That is why all intending couples should be prepared for each stage of their life.

After marriage, one of the major expectations of every couple is pregnancy. That is why it is important we should all have the proper knowledge about pregnancy and the best time to make a baby.

Over the years, one of the major questions of most couples is “What is the right age to have a child?” Despite there might be no direct answer for this, research has shown that certain age groups are not favourable for pregnancy. One of them is during your teenage stage.

Studies have shown that your 20s are one of the best periods you can get pregnant. In terms of fertility, your body is at its fertile best when you are in your 20s. However, whether you are settled enough financially and relationship-wise is something you and your partner should figure out. Getting married and giving birth is very healthy with less risk.

So many people also consider the 30s to be favourable for conceiving because you are financially and mentally more settled at this time. Pregnancy in the early 30s is still not a problem. But the idea of conceiving after 35 requires you to understand that your fertility is rapidly declining as you age, more so after 35. This is why people who engage in late marriage need to be very careful.