There is conspiracy to send me to prison – Sen Kalu cries out

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Former Governor of Abia State, Uzor Orji Kalu, Senate Chief Whip, on Thursday raised an alarm that there is conspiracy in Nigeria to send him to prison. Speaking on Arise TV Morning Show on Thursday monitored by National Daily from Lagos, the Senate Chief Whip who is aspiring for the presidential ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2023 general elections, dismissed having any anxiety or fear of anything incriminating. He said that what is playing out is a gang up against, noting that there is jealousy in the system against his success and being a wealthy businessman.

Orji Kalu narrated that he was successful at an early age, and that some political actors are against him why he should be wealthy and have power.

The former Abia State governor stated that the conspirators put him in prison for six months without committing any offence. Kalu said he is innocent of the N7 billion fraud allegation for which he is being prosecuted in court, and erroneously jailed earlier before regaining freedom at the Supreme Court. The Senate Chief whip declared that there were 19 witnesses in the court of competent jurisdiction and nobody mentioned his name in their witnesses.

Kalu was of the view that the media created the controversy over the suit against him which was adjourned to March 2022. He, however, maintained that he would not speak on suit which is still pending in the court of law to avoid juridical prejudice.  According to him: “It is you press that created the problem. I’m not supposed to speak on matters in court.”

The Senate Chief Whip accordingly, declared: “Apart from this gang up, I don’t have any record of illegal business in the past. I’m not afraid of anything.

“I’m not afraid of anybody, I have never done any illegal business. They are conspiring against me

“People are pursuing me. They just want to destroy me. They are Nigerians who want to become president.

“There is jealousy in the system. They are not happy that I was successful at an early age and why should I have money and have power.

“These people put me in prison for six months without doing anything,” Kalu declared.  He maintained that during his trial: “there were 19 witnesses in the court of competent jurisdiction, nobody mentioned my name.”

The presidential aspirant, therefore, dismissed having any anxiety or fear.