Things you should know about labor pain and the process of giving birth

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Women are goddesses bringing a whole human being into this life, we literally deserve everything nice this world can offer. It is very important to have a birth plan , whether you are going to go the natural birth way or Ceaseran way, you need to know that and make prior plans regarding your choice.

A little story time, I get to the hospital after a few stings here and there that I thought were unusual and to me that was labor. Shock unto me that was nothing. The hospital workers are all friendly am offered a wheelchair straight from the entrance, the big baby works on a few logistics and am taken into some room so they can see how far the baby is. Nobody told you this but they process is painful and very uncomfortable because the doctor inserts his fingers deep into your vagina to reach the cervix and mine was not even open. So I have to wait for another 7hrs before I go for another test.

There and then I see the real labor on some women till I realise what I was feeling was nothing close to labor pain. One woman is pacing up and down, dancing calling her mum’s name, abusing her husband, swearing that she will never get pregnant again. The other woman is lying in bed but she is in a lot of pain that she is biting the edge of the bed, yes you heard me right she is biting the timber with her teeth. The other is feeling so hot that she has removed all her clothes and is now lying on the floor. Then the last one’s water has just broken and she is confused , standing there like a trophy. In the labor room another one is screaming. In this whole giving birth process ,the most painful one is the labor pain and once the baby starts coming out which happens in seconds you do not feel anything. Can you imagine?

You now have your baby, some say you feel love instantly when you look at your baby. Do not worry if you don’t feel it , I did not feel anything like that, I grew to love my baby every single minute i spent with him. Everything in your world changes from there. Being a parent is different for both genders, it affects their lives differently. I have talked to the big baby about how having a baby changed his life and its quite interesting from how it changed mine , i can’t wait to share that with you people.