Uproar in UK, 220,000 citizens sign petition protesting vaccine passports


The United Kingdom has been thrown into psychological pandemonium as citizens protest legislation on coronavirus vaccine passport. In a petition signed by over 220,000 British citizens, the protesters compelled the British Parliament to conduct public debate on the advantages or consequences of introducing coronavirus vaccine passports.

The petitioners argued that vaccine passports would infringe on the rights of citizens that have not or cannot have or declined to have Covid-19 vaccine. They protested that the legislation is discriminatory and would be “unacceptable”.

The petition which had garnered 222,000 signatures, warned the government “not to roll out any e-vaccination status/immunity passport to the British public.” The petitioners threatened to resist such legislation.

It was highlighted that the terms of the government’s petition system require 10,000 signatures for a petition to deserve attention or response on the matter from the government. it was added that when the signatures get to 100,000, the matter becomes eligible for a debate in Parliament.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was said to have last Tuesday disclosed that he would be mandating Cabinet Minister Michale Gove to lead the government’s research on the logistics of a vaccine passport system. The announcement generated protests and resistance across the UK.