US President-elect breaks a bone; Trump tweets

Less than two months to entering the White House, US president-elect Joe Biden has taken a fall, and ricked his foot, and will likely have to wear a medical boot for weeks.

Biden’s team said the 78-year-old had the accident while play with dog Major, and already taken to the doctor for series of scan and x-ray on Saturday.

The ex-V.P’s personal physician Kevin O’Connor initially said x-rays had not uncovered any “obvious fracture”, but added that an additional CT scan would still be done.

That scan “confirmed hairline (small) fractures… in the mid-foot,” O’Connor said in a subsequent statement released by Biden’s office.

His rival President Trump responded to the NBC report on the accident by retweeting “Get well soon.
Trump has yet to concede the election though he has personally admitted his loss as his lawyers fail woefully in efforts to discredit the election.

Trump had made a point of Biden age—despite both of them being in their 70s.