What the soft spot on baby’s head means and when to see a doctor

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One sign commonly found in babies as they develop through infancy is the soft spot at the top and back of the head which often bulges in and out. This article addresses what it is and when it should be a source of concern.

Primarily when a baby is born, the skull is not fully developed and leaves some gaps in-between which later fuses with time. This is present but may not be noticeable in all babies. According to WebMd, these gaps are called fontanelles and they function to allow your baby’s brain to grow larger at a fast rate over their first year of life.

The soft spots often closes with time with the behind the head first at about 3 months while the top one usually after a year (about 18 months).

While the soft spots on the head are normal, you should see your doctor when you’re notice anyone appears swollen, sunken, or refuses to close after the expected time.