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Why I am resigning from IUFC , after winning Federation cup — Everton



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NPFL’s Manager Of The Month (September),  and winner of the Federation cup final coach Rafael Everton, is the coach of the Ifeanyi Ubah FC.  The Brazilian spoke with Esther Egbe about his victory, why he is resigning and more.

HOW did you got into coach?
I got into coaching after when I got injured as a professional player could not see myself doing anything else but to become coach. I love what am doing,football is my job.

Challenges of coaching?
To be a live Coach is not easy, you have to be able to control the players and pressure to stay on top of the game.

How was playing days like?
During my playing days I played with the best players in the world and had the best coaches in the world then learned they were the best teachers.

How did you feel losing to MFM on your final game?
I felt bad ,but thank God despite losing that day. Everyone could see and appreciate that my work is a form of football that everyone likes to see. My career is just starting am too young to worry now.

Do you enjoy working in Nigeria?
I really like here. Althoughthe culture is different.But I have adapted. I also love the food here especially I Fufu and swallow food.

How old have you been coaching?
I have been coaching for three years now.

How did you get offer from Ifeanyi Ubah?
He learned of my work in Brazil and made me an invitation to come here. Since IfeanyiUbah is a well-known club around the world, I was very interested in working in the club.

When you came I heard you had some issues with some players?
I have no issues with my players on the contrary we have a very good relationship. I get along very well with my players my relationship with them and friends I was a player and know how to relate with them because oftheir thoughts.

How do you feel winning the federation cup final?
I am very happy because it was the first title of the club and I joined history being the first Brazilian to win here I am very happy.

How did your family take the news?
My family were happy and proud of me, thank God, we have achieved our goal.

Who was your favourite prayer in Ifeanyi Ubah club?
All my players were favourites.

Which Nigeria club jersey was your best?
My best Nigerian jersey was Ifeanyi Ubah.


What would you miss about the club?
Soccer life and then one day we will stay and the next day we will go and this is not my first club that I am working and I am absolutely sure that it will not even be the last.

What kind of relationship did you have with him?
I have nothing against anyone here in this club I love the club plus I have to think about my interests and my career and what will be best for me.

Did Nigeria ladies expressed their love for you?
I am very happy to be honored here in this country so beautiful more not only for women but many men who love my work and my style of dressing very happy for this.

Why are you resigning from the club?
Ifeanyi Ubah offers me an assistant coach, I didn’t accept because he brought a new coach,I work as head coach and after the federation cup he brought new coach. I would like to communicate to all my fans, friends, family members who have always supported and honored my work that as of today I am nolonger the coach of FC Ifeanyi Ubah. I would like to thank the opportunity for the direction of the club. Chairman(Ifeanyi Ubah) offered a position of Assistant to the new coach, I’m going home for vacation sit down with my agent and family to be able to make the best decision for my career. I can already say that I am grateful for everything and to all the people of this wonderful country, Nigeria, who welcomed me very well and accepted me and who enjoy my work.
To my incredible players that we live together for 10 months I have only to say thank you guys you are incredible without you my players it would be impossible for us to reach the 4th position of the Premier League and to have been champions of the FA CUP I will miss them all a lot more life Of football and so I hope in God that I may one day have an opportunity to work together again. I would also like to thank all the fans of this club who have always respected my work and gave me all the necessary support and thanks to God we can give this joy back being champions and giving a continental ticket to this club. I am very grateful to God the author of my life without Him nothing I and my family could achieve. I thank my family that always gave me all the necessary support to get here. I am grateful for incredible results in so little work in just three months as coach of that team to get the 4th position in the first division and manage to be the Nigerian Cup Champion to you I deliver these blessings. I would like to thank everyone and thank you for everything”.

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