Why kerosene is used as fuel in aircraft

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Aircraft are one of the most incredible feats of engineering and since it was invented in 1903 by the Wright Brothers, it has proven to be the backbone of modern transportation. Aircraft can cover a journey of days or even weeks in a single day, making it the fastest means of moving people and goods from one place to another.

Like our normal cars which use petrol as its fuel, Have you ever wondered what aircraft use as fuel? Well in this article, I will be bringing to your knowledge why kerosene is used as aviation fuel.

Fuel is an important liquid in all engines of a machine because when it burns, it releases the energy needed for movement. Kerosene on the other hand is a combustible liquid that is derived from petroleum, It is widely used as a fuel in aviation as well as households.

Why Is It Preferably Used In Aircraft?

1. Kerosene Has A Low Freezing Point: The freezing point of any liquid is the temperature at which it turns solid.

Kerosene has a freezing point of -47, which makes it suitable to be used as aviation fuel because aircraft can fly at high altitudes and such height, other fuel such as petrol can solidify or thicken and clog to the engines of the plane and might result in an accident.

2. High Flashpoint: A flashpoint of a flammable substance refers to the temperature at which it turns to vapour.

Kerosene has a very high flash point when compared with other fuels and this is very important to the aviation industry because since it doesn’t burn faster, it helps to reduce the cost of fueling and also reduce unnecessary fire due to its less volatile nature.

3. Low Cost Of Kerosene: An average commercial plane can burn roughly 1gallon of fuel per minute and since kerosene is cheaper when compared to other fuel sources, it is preferably used.