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Why Reno says it’s 5 terrible years for Buhari, Nigeria



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Reno Omokri, on the occasion of President Muhammadu Buhari’s 5 years in office, has pointed at the diverse sectors that he feels the Buhari administration has failed the nation.
He said, “Before General @MBuhari was elected in 2015, Nigeria was projected as the third fastest growing economy in the world. 6 months after Buhari was sworn in. Nigeria officially went into a recession. The first in 25 years. Buhari is destroying Nigeria!”
Reno Omokri went on to support his claim that President Buhari is destroying Nigeria with proof from CNN’s analysis and Channels TV commentary.
Reno Omokri also pointed out the alarming rate of unemployment in the country. He said:
“During the 2015 campaign, General @MBuhari promised to create 3 million jobs per annum. As you read this, the total job losses under Buhari is almost 15 million. Not only did he not create jobs, but he destroyed the jobs others created”.
Conclusively, Remo summarized the 5 years as representing Sorrow, tears, and blood.
He said:
“5 years of General @MBuhari is summarised as Sorrow, Tears & Blood: * Sorrow because Nigeria is now the world headquarters for extreme poverty * Tears because our currency is almost worthless * Blood because life is very cheap in Buhari’s Nigeria”