Xenophobic anger explodes: Nigerians Continue attack on South African businesses

The incessant attack on businesses linked to South African investors in the expression of anger over the xenophobia attack and burning of Nigerians and other Africans in South Africa, continued on Wednesday in several parts of Nigeria. Angry Nigerians stormed Bode Thomas in Surulere, Lagos State,where they burnt the Bode Thomas, MTN customer care centre.

Shoprite facilities at different locations from Lagos to Akwa Ibom, Abuja and others, were also set ablaze by angry Nigerians.

They were reported to have continued to the South African owned cable TV, DSTV, to burn it but were kept off by the Nigerian Police, whose station is directly beside the DSTV office.

The UN has, however, appealed for the curtailing of the rising violence in Nigeria over the xenophobia killings in South Africa.



  1. SÀ should no longer be called South Africa but Xenophobic. Every African country should severe relationship with Xenophobic forthwith. I remember in the days apartheid SA, Nigeria defended them from the white tortures and now they have forgotten it. We are working hard to earn our livings there. But the lazy boys are accusing other countries for working hard and I tell you Xenophobic will be poor very soon and terrors will hit them from within.