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10 facts you don’t know about Zelensky, Ukraine’s President



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For the past few days, the world has been awakened to a loud sound of war drums between Putin’s Russia and Ukraine’s Zelensky. For the interest of readers, below are ten well-curated facts you don’t know about Zelensky.

  1. Zelensky is the First Jewish President of Ukraine.
  2. He supports the free distribution of medical cannabis (weed), free abortion, prostitution and gambling.
  3. Zelensky and his wife were both school lovers and they married in 2003.
  4. He once acted as a president in movie he produced; “Servant of the people”. He later formed a party named “Servant of the people”, on which he contested and won the presidency.
  5. He studied Law but practised as a Comedian.
  6. Zelensky defeated an incumbent president by running a social-media based campaign.
  7. He promised to serve only one term in Office.
  8. Zelensky and his Chief aide were named in Pandora Papers 2021.
  9. By estimation, Zelensky joined politics in 2019 when he announced his ambition on New Year’s Eve.
  10. He is one of the most active presidents on social media, especially platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

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