10 signs of menopause (Andropause) in men

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Menopause is a word that is used a lot when it comes to a woman’s reproductive health. A woman is said to be on menopause when she hasn’t seen her period for 12 consecutive months (one year).With all this said, do you know that men also experience menopause?

Yes! Men do experience menopause once they get to a certain age. Male menopause is medically known as ANDROPAUSE. Andropause is a condition which causes the testosterone levels of men to reduce as they get older.

Many men experience andropause from their 50s, unlike female menopause, the symptoms of andropause aren’t seen immediately. Instead, they slowly show as time passes and many men are unaware of the fact that they are on andropause.

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The symptoms of andropause can be physical, psychological and also medical. Some of the symptoms of andropause include;

  1. Development of breasts in men

  1. Reduced energy

  1. Infertility

  1. Low libido

  1. Increased body fat

  1. Low body mass

  1. Physical weakness

  1. Difficulty sleeping

  1. Loss of body hair

  1. Mood swings

 As a man, it will be very difficult for you to tell if you are experiencing andropause, which is why you need to consult a doctor. When you visit a hospital, a blood test will be done to check the level of testosterone in your body.

You will also be asked a few questions by the doctor, to check if what you feel is similar to symptoms of andropause.

As a man, you can reduce the effects of andropause, or even prevent it totally by adopting healthy lifestyles from an early age. Eating a healthy diet, reducing your alcohol intake, having a healthy sleep routine and exercising are just a few ways you can prevent andropause.