5 Major ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies

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Unwanted Pregnancy is the type of pregnancy that occurs at the moment when the child is not desired or the couple are not ready to have a child.

According to reproduction physiology, unwanted pregnancies can be prevented through some Physiological methods. The ways of preventing pregnancy in female is different from that of the male.

1. Complete Abstinence

Abstinence is one of the best ways that someone can prevent unwanted pregnancy, it means staying away from intercourse.

It will prevent someone from getting pregnant because intercourse is one of the way of impregnating a woman.

2. Contraceptive pills

Contraceptives are drugs that used by women to prevent them from becoming pregnant, some of them are administered before intercourse while others are taken immediately after intercourse.

3. Intrauterine devices

They are otherwise called Implants, they are devices that are implanted deep inside a woman uterus, there are also some implants that are implanted under the skin of the arm to prevent pregnancy.

This is also a beat way of preventing pregnancy in women.

There are also some ways that men can stop their wives from getting pregnant.

4. Vasectomy

In male reproductive organ, there is a tubelike structure known as the Vasdiference, it is a tube that transport seminal fluid to the urethra of the men.

Vasectomy is a method where by the Vasdiference will be obstructed, to prevent the passage of seminal fluid to the urethra. It also prevent the sperm from passing through the private part of a woman.

This is also one of the way to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

5. Use of condoms

Condoms are like balloons, men use it during intercourse to stop the sperm from entering the cervix of a woman, it is considered are a good way of preventing pregnancy