2 reasons why you should avoid eating smoked fish or suya on a regular basis

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A lot of people enjoy eating smoked fish or suya because of the lovely taste and some nutrients it offers the human body, but many smoked fish or suya meat consumers don’t know the danger in consuming the foods on a regular basis.

According to Clevelandclinic, when fish or meat is roasted and smoked with charcoal, the smoke, which contains harmful chemical compounds, rises out of the heated charcoal and some of the chemicals deposit on the fish or suya meat, which when consumed regularly can harm the body and its internal organs.

In this article, I want to enlighten you on some of the reasons why you should avoid eating smoked fish or suya on a regular basis.

1. When fish or meat is smoked using charcoal, a chemical compound that is hydrocarbon and polycyclic in nature is released in the smoke into the fish or meat, and this makes the smoke harmful to the human body. Consuming such foods on a daily basis can result in the accumulation of chemical compounds as toxins in the body, which can affect the cells and cause them to grow abnormally.

2. The harmful chemicals in smoke from heated charcoal can also affect the body by increasing the risk of having medical conditions like stroke, heart disease, and many others.

It should be noted that eating smoked fish and smoked meat called suya in moderate amounts and occasionally, not on a daily basis, is okay, but when you eat it regularly, you run the chance of harming your body and health.